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Local News Roundup (9.1.15)

By Packie Williams SUSSEX, Bexton – Laboratory equipment and several pounds of chemicals were stolen from Currie Labs two nights ago.  Security cameras show three women in black clothing and masks busting into the rear garage door with a van.  The women proceeded to grab several pieces of specialized equipment—Currie Labs did not want to specify what—and haul them, slowly, to their van.  This took them eight minutes to load up the van before one… Read More

Area Man Gets Lost in Portal Hidden in Snuggie

By Muffy Borgeron A man from Arleen fell into a mystic portal to another world when he put on his new Snuggie last night. Terry Upton, 47, a contractor from Arleen, bought a new navy blue Snuggie at a Walgreen’s while coming home from work in New Romford yesterday evening.  Security footage from the Walgreen’s shows the Snuggie being placed on the rack three days ago along with four others without any apparent mishandling to… Read More

International Time Court Rejects Hellena’s Case

By Chase Chapley PARIS, France – As expected, the International Time Court rejected Hellena’s request to be tried before them in a unanimous 9-0 decision.  She will now have to return the New Romford City Court for her trial. Hellena, the alternate timeline version of Titana stuck in our timeline, was caught several months ago stealing a device from ATOM Labs.  The nature of the device has not been disclosed to the public, but reports… Read More

Rare Quantillium Shipment Stolen by Apparent Multiplier

By Packie Williams A shipment of the rare space rock, quantillium, was being transported from the docks to ATOM Labs for research purposes last night, when the armored van was hijacked by masked men, at least one of whom was a multiplier. The shipment of quantillium, a rock from the Mark-9 Solar System, was meant as a gift from the Thranzxians to Earth for the Peace Force’s role in saving their planet from a swarm… Read More

Project INFINITY Explorers Begin Voyage into Alternate Dimensions

by Chase Chapley Project INFINITY, the ATOM Labs exploration into Earths of alternate dimensions, has finally commenced after over 30 years of planning.  INFINITY plans to explore 100 alternate Earths, recording their similarities and differences to ours, and send records of their exploits back to ATOM Labs.  They “jumped” to their first alternate Earth this morning from ATOM Labs to much fanfare from family, friends, and colleagues. The expedition is led by Tarani Kapoor, an… Read More

Scientists Accustomed to Living in Adhesive

By Muffy Borgeron It’s been several weeks since the three ATOM Labs scientists got stuck in their own experimental adhesive, KR-1078, but even with the inconvenience, they’ve grown accustomed to their situation. “I wouldn’t call it ideal conditions,” said Carl Michaelson, one of the three scientists, “but it’s not so bad once you get used to it.  We’re waited on hand and foot by robots all day, and we’re finally getting work done that’s been… Read More

Vat of Chemicals Not Sound Source of Superpowers

By Muffy Borgeron ATOM Labs has released an official report of Gil Heredia’s death from falling into a vat of chemicals several months ago.  The short answer:  don’t fall into a vat of chemicals. Many superheroes and supervillains have been created by being exposed to a vast array of chemicals.  Speedster, Tara Target, and at least a dozen more are credited with chemical-based origin stories, and many more have been speculated upon though not confirmed. … Read More