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ATOM Labs Scientists Get Stuck in New Adhesive

By Muffy Borgeron It was the stickiest of sticky situations at ATOM Labs last night, and that can be scientifically proven, too. A team of three scientists, Carl Michaelson, Denise Detroit, and Margo Doll, have been developing a new adhesive for the past five years using recently discovered compounds from outer space.  Yesterday, they tested a new batch of their adhesive with the hope of using it in building materials to prevent damage from storms… Read More

Dr. Amazing Fertilizes Future Farm with Dino Dung

By Packie Williams One of the biggest, and stinkiest, problems in the wake of the Dino-Day Disaster was what to do with all the dinosaur dung that was left behind.  Dr. Amazing has volunteered to use it as fertilizer. “Dung is nature’s natural fertilizer,” he said.  “It’s full of nutrients that plants need in order to grow, and with so much of it around, it just makes sense to use it in the Future Farm.”… Read More

Transforming into Dinosaur Did Not Help ‘Normal Man’

By Muffy Borgeron Gil Heredia, the ATOM Labs maintenance worker who fell into a vat of chemicals several weeks ago, is still in critical condition, and transforming into a dinosaur didn’t help his recovery. When the Dino-Day Disaster happened, Heredia, who has been on life support at ATOM Labs, was changed into a Deinonychus.  The scientists monitoring him did not notice any change in his vital signs or any new superpowers.  “We thought, ‘Oh, this… Read More

ALERT: Cosmic Ray Warning for Next Tuesday

By Chase Chapley ATOM Labs has issued a Cosmic Ray Warning for next Tuesday, starting at 5:00 AM EST and lasting until at least early Wednesday morning.  The affected area ranges from Hartford, CT to Raleigh, NC, and from Erie, PA, to roughly 200 miles east of Long Island.  Residents are advised to wear the most current editions of lead-lined vests and helmets or, if they do not have any vests or helmets, to spend… Read More

‘Normal Man’ Still Recovering From Chemical Bath

By Muffy Borgeron Gil Heredia, the ATOM Labs maintenance worker who fell into a vat of chemicals a couple weeks ago, is still recovering from his burns and, strangely, still hasn’t gained superpowers. “Gil’s still in a medically-induced coma,” said ATOM Labs scientist, Carlos Montero, “and we’re doing our best to heal his burns, but now he has internal damage to his organs.  That chemical vat was a toxic brew, and frankly, everyone here is… Read More

NRPD: Hellena Tried to Restore Her Timeline

By Packie Williams The NRPD have determined that Hellena stole an undisclosed item from ATOM Labs yesterday with the purpose of restoring her timeline.  And she likely caused the déjà vu that many people felt as well. Hellena is the evil alternate timeline version of superhero Titana, who was brought to our timeline during one of Titana’s adventures.  The circumstances of that adventure have never been fully disclosed to the public.  But Hellena, who sacrificed… Read More

Titana Defeats Hellena at Bayland

By Packie Williams Supervillain Hellena was back in New Romford today, jumping several miles in just a few jumps before being defeated by Titana at Bayland Amusement Park. Hellena, an alternate timeline version of the superhero Titana, had apparently stolen something from ATOM Labs this morning.  NRPD and ATOM Labs are keeping quiet as to what the item was, but it was small enough to be carried by hand in a metal container.  After stealing… Read More