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Dinosaur Queen’

Dinosaur Queen’s Trial Pushed Back

By Chase Chapley NEW YORK – Dinosaur Queen’s trial, which was expected to begin next week, is being pushed back another two months as federal prosecutors and the State Department determine her legal status for her attack on New Romford. Dinosaur Queen has been imprisoned in an undisclosed location since being captured following the Dino-Day Disaster, which has led to 85 deaths (five more have died since the initial reports).  Her trial was moved away… Read More

Dinosaur Queen T-Rex Caught Trying to Escape in Cargo Container

By Skip Daverman BOZEMAN, Montana – One of the Dinosaur Queen’s T-Rexes was caught by the Rocky Mountain Ranger inside the Museum of the Rockies after traveling thousands of miles in a cargo container. The T-Rex, a general in the Dinosaur Queen’s army according to its armor, was apparently riding in a cargo container of a train ever since the Dino-Day Disaster in New Romford.  It was not clear how it got itself into the… Read More

Dozens Still Missing from DDD

By Buffy Bolivar It’s been weeks since the Dino-Day Disaster, and though the majority of New Romford has been accounted for, dozens of residents are still missing. The NRPD has put the number at 79 missing residents, mostly located in the Downtown region and any parts of other boroughs with tall buildings.  These residents likely were trapped after a building collapsed either during the dinosaur transformation or after reverting back to human.  Rescue crews and the Peace… Read More

Lightning Bug Trial Begins; Dinosaur Queen Sent to Federal Court

By Chase Chapley Today’s supervillain legal roundup sees two of New Romford’s most recent criminals in court.  Lightning Bug, a.k.a. Horace Wagner, was in New Romford City Court, which had been deemed functional by engineers after the Dino-Day Disaster, for the start of his trial.  Last month, Wagner is accused of causing an explosion in the Verzatt Estates.  He was later apprehended by Speedster on I-188. Wagner is being tried on eight counts of destruction… Read More

New Romford Mourns, Rebuilds

By Buffy Bolivar With the Dino-Day Disaster in the past, it’s time for New Romford to rebuild and mourn. As with most major superhuman events, the city has come to a standstill in the wake of the attack.  Most businesses are closed and will remain so for several weeks or months to come.  The city, National Guard, and Peace Force are helping with the clean-up and rescue effort.  At least 12,000 buildings and 8,000 roads… Read More


By Chase Chapley Well, gang, thank you for reading my blog during this crisis.  I’m going home to find my wife, Charlene.  I was able to get a hold of her via a land line, and she’s safe.  This has been quite the ordeal, a weird one even by our standards. I hope everyone is safe and with loved ones.  We are New Romford, and we know how to survive.  Any breaking news will come… Read More

PHOTO: 4th Avenue Bridge Collapsed

By Chase Chapley We just got this photo of the 4th Avenue Bridge from the Channel 8 News Copter.  It collapsed yesterday.  Click for the full size photo.