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Dinosaur Queen’

Last of Dino Army Captured

By Chase Chapley With the Dinosaur Queen captured, the remaining members of the Dino Army have given themselves up to authorities.  The raptors and T-Rexes went down easily, and the flying members of the Peace Force have been captured the pterodactyls in a net.  The brachiosauruses, though, proved difficult to corral since they are huge.  Dr. Amazing appears to have set up a dimensional portal of some sort, and they went into it with a… Read More

Dinosaur Queen Captured by Adonis

By Chase Chapley The NRPD has confirmed that Adonis has captured the Dinosaur Queen in Parkhill, putting an end to the “Dino-Day” nightmare. I’m receiving word, and slowly video, that the Dinosaur Queen and Adonis were fighting mid-air.  She blasted Adonis down into the ground, crash landing somewhere in Parkhill.  When she gloated, as she is prone to do, he threw a car at her, as he is prone to do.  A few quick punches… Read More

Peace Force, Army Rounding Up Dino Army

By Chase Chapley The Peace Force seems to be at full force now as they, and the U.S. Army, are rounding up the Dino Army.  As predicted, the battle is one-sided.  The Dino Army is simply no match for superheroes and long range weapons. My colleagues and I borrowed some clothes from a store (which we’ll reimburse them for) and followed the sound of tanks and smell of laser beams down 21st St.  A T-Rex… Read More

BREAKING: Dinosaur Queen Escapes Grainger Tower

By Chase Chapley The Dinosaur Queen has escaped Grainger Tower, riding her rocket-powered Allosaurus.  She was headed southwest, and Adonis is in pursuit. I’m only hearing second-hand accounts, but I can see a visible smoke trail coming out of the top of Grainger Tower, which turned back to its normal architecture once Dinosaur Queen left.  She must be desperate now.  She has clearly lost. Her troops on the ground have panicked, and the pterodactyls tried… Read More

BREAKING: Blue Light Gone

By Chase Chapley BREAKING NEWS:  the blue light emanating from Grainger Tower has disappeared. I’m also getting word that the U.S. Army and Navy are moving into New Romford and Winston Bay.  Their first objective is presumably to end the Dinosaur Queen’s incursion, and then assist anyone they can.  Considering the weaponry of the Dino Army, which consists of mostly spears and being large ferocious dinosaurs, the battle shouldn’t last long. More to come…

Dino Army Still On Ground and In Air

By Chase Chapley The Dino Army is still on the ground and in the air.  They are just as confused as to why we’ve reverted to our human bodies, but they are still here.  The blue light is still emanating from Grainger Tower, so presumably, the force field is still up. Do not engage the Dino Army.  We could not take them on while in dinosaur form, so there’s no way to confront them now. … Read More


By Chase Chapley Finally, we are back to human! I cannot express the joy and excitement me and my colleagues are experiencing right now.  Moments before the change back, I could feel my humanity slipping away from me.  My colleagues felt it, too.  It appeared that the Dino-Ray changed us all physically first and was slowly trying to change us psychologically.  Whether or not that was the Dinosaur Queen’s intent remains to be seen, but… Read More