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Grainger Tower’

BREAKING: Dinosaur Queen Escapes Grainger Tower

By Chase Chapley The Dinosaur Queen has escaped Grainger Tower, riding her rocket-powered Allosaurus.  She was headed southwest, and Adonis is in pursuit. I’m only hearing second-hand accounts, but I can see a visible smoke trail coming out of the top of Grainger Tower, which turned back to its normal architecture once Dinosaur Queen left.  She must be desperate now.  She has clearly lost. Her troops on the ground have panicked, and the pterodactyls tried… Read More

BREAKING: Blue Light Gone

By Chase Chapley BREAKING NEWS:  the blue light emanating from Grainger Tower has disappeared. I’m also getting word that the U.S. Army and Navy are moving into New Romford and Winston Bay.  Their first objective is presumably to end the Dinosaur Queen’s incursion, and then assist anyone they can.  Considering the weaponry of the Dino Army, which consists of mostly spears and being large ferocious dinosaurs, the battle shouldn’t last long. More to come…

Morning, Still Dinosaurs

By Chase Chapley We didn’t get much sleep last night.  I couldn’t get comfortable, and neither could most of the people here.  We’re just not used to sleeping in our dinosaur bodies.  Even so, my colleagues and I thanked our hosts and decided to leave before breakfast.  It felt like no one else slept well either, and we didn’t want to intrude anymore than we already had. There was an eerie calm out on the… Read More

Explosion Heard from Grainger Tower

By Chase Chapley Maybe ten minutes after the blue light emanated from Grainger Tower, an explosion came from that same building or somewhere near it. The blue light is still there, but I can clearly see a plume of smoke rising from that general direction.  The Dino Army seems to be frantically talking about something, and a general T-Rex is sending a raptor away, probably to ascertain what just happened. People near me are hopeful… Read More

Blue Light Emanating from Tower

By Chase Chapley Now, the Grainger Tower is emitting a strange blue light. So far, I have not experienced any new changes to my body or mind, and neither has anyone around me.  Dinosaur Queen’s magic “Dino-Ray” was largely colorless, and it moved in and around buildings.  But this light is moving from the top of the tower into the sky, and then spread out in a circle.  It looked like it was creating a… Read More

Riot Breaks Out on 24th Street

By Chase Chapley A riot broke out on 24th Street moments after five members of the Peace Force flew overhead to Grainger Tower. When people cheered for the Peace Force, the atmosphere was jubilant and rowdy.  Several people taunted the Dino Army raptors and T-Rexes, which led to an altercation.  They started fighting, and people joined in against the Army.  More raptors and T-Rexes entered the fray and further escalated into a riot. Hundreds of… Read More

Peace Force Seen Flying to Grainger Tower

By Chase Chapley Moments ago, members of the Peace Force, who were also transformed into dinosaurs, flew over Downtown and entered Grainger Tower. At first, I thought I was seeing things when a dinosaur flew overhead.  It seemed like a pterodactyl or some other flying dinosaur.  But it didn’t have wings.  It went so fast that I didn’t get a good look at it.  I asked a colleague who was standing next to me if… Read More