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Michelle Meyers’

Michelle Meyers Pleads Guilty to All Charges

By Falco Rockbert In a court hearing this morning, Michelle Meyers pleaded guilty to all charges set against her, including kidnapping, conspiracy, and false endangerment. Meyers, the former Channel 9 News reporter, pleaded guilty to kidnapping a female associate of Adonis several weeks ago.  She also admitted to hiring 7 supervillains to pretend to capture here so that Adonis would “save” her from them.  Court documents show that Meyers and Adonis had a relationship that… Read More

Michelle Meyers Charged with Kidnapping, Conspiracy, False Endangerment

By Falco Rockbert The former Channel 9 News reporter, Michelle Meyers, has been formally charged with kidnapping and 18 counts of both conspiracy and false endangerment Weeks ago, Meyers kidnapped a woman described by the District Attorney, Jonathan Colbert, as “an associate of Adonis.”  Meyers did not harm the woman, but her confrontation with Adonis did lead the NRPD to investigate her other illegal activities.  These consist of paying supervillains to “capture” her so that… Read More

Cape Finder Used by Meyers in Kidnapping Case

By Falco Rockbert The popular app, Cape Finder, is facing new scrutiny after it was revealed by the NRPD that Michelle Meyers used it to track Adonis and kidnap a woman. Arturo Studios, the maker of Cape Finder, released the app several months ago as a “fun way to watch superheroes” and to “crowdsource the movements of supervillains”.  Upon its release, several attorneys for superheroes expressed concern over the potential for supervillains to track them… Read More

Meyers Hired 7 Supervillains to Stage 18 Fake Rescues

By Falco Rockbert While the surprising news that famous news reporter, Michelle Meyers, was involved in a kidnapping a week ago is still kept secret by law, the bigger revelation of her ties to supervillains is starting to unravel itself. The NRPD have said that Meyers hired at least 7 different supervillains to stage 18 fake “rescue situations” for her.  They interviewed the Master of Disaster and Keymaster, the last two supervillains Adonis “rescued” her… Read More

Michelle Meyers Involved in Kidnapping, Setting Up Fake Crimes

By Falco Rockbert In a bizarre series of revelations last night, Channel 9 News reporter Michelle Meyers was arrested for kidnapping and setting up fake crimes so she could be rescued by Adonis. Meyers has been saved a record number 30 times by Adonis, but that number will surely go down.  Last night, Meyers allegedly kidnapped a woman, whose identity will not be released by the NRPD due to her supposed ties to Adonis.  State… Read More

Rescue Marks Meyers’s 30th Adonis Save

By Falco Rockbert Yet again, Michelle Meyers was rescued by Adonis last night, marking her 30th save by New Romford’s Favorite Son.  It ties the record for most saves of one person by one superhero. Meyers, formerly of the New Romford Sentinel, now with Channel 9 News, didn’t have much to say about tying the record.  She was held hostage by the Master of Disaster and his henchmen, again, at the Grainger Aerospace Research Facility… Read More

Michelle Meyers Rescued Again by Adonis

By Falco Rockbert Michelle Meyers was taken hostage by the supervillain Keymaster last night and was rescued, yet again, by Adonis. Details of the incident are still sketchy, but Meyers, reporter for the New Romford Sentinel, was at her desk writing a story on a white collar crime ring in the Gramercy Tower.  The story alleges several high level bankers and hedge fund managers were embezzling money and funneling it to various supervillian organizations.  Keymaster,… Read More