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Atlantis and Pacifica Meet at Panama Canal

Original Map by Free Vectors By Skip Daverman PANAMA CANAL – Atlantis King Morn A’Ganor and Pacifica Viceroy Parr’Ell Montae met today with their delegations in the underwater portion, in Lago Gatún, of the Panama Canal to discuss Pacifica’s recent declaration of independence from Atlantis. Last week, Viceroy Montae released a declaration of independence from Atlantis, citing concerns over lack of self-control, high taxes, and lax volcano relief.  King A’Ganor has not publicly responded to… Read More

Pacifica Declares Independence from Atlantis

Original Map by Free Vector Maps By Falco Rockbert PACIFICA – The underwater city and province, Pacifica, which has been under Atlantean rule since it was colonized over 500 years ago has formally declared independence. Viceroy Parr’Ell Montae of Pacifica, who had been overseeing the entire Pacific region of the world’s oceans for Atlantis for the past 16 years, made the declaration in writing.  Translated from Atlantean, it read, “For 532 years, Pacifica has been… Read More