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Peace Force’

Morning, Still Dinosaurs

By Chase Chapley We didn’t get much sleep last night.  I couldn’t get comfortable, and neither could most of the people here.  We’re just not used to sleeping in our dinosaur bodies.  Even so, my colleagues and I thanked our hosts and decided to leave before breakfast.  It felt like no one else slept well either, and we didn’t want to intrude anymore than we already had. There was an eerie calm out on the… Read More

Riot Breaks Out on 24th Street

By Chase Chapley A riot broke out on 24th Street moments after five members of the Peace Force flew overhead to Grainger Tower. When people cheered for the Peace Force, the atmosphere was jubilant and rowdy.  Several people taunted the Dino Army raptors and T-Rexes, which led to an altercation.  They started fighting, and people joined in against the Army.  More raptors and T-Rexes entered the fray and further escalated into a riot. Hundreds of… Read More

Peace Force Seen Flying to Grainger Tower

By Chase Chapley Moments ago, members of the Peace Force, who were also transformed into dinosaurs, flew over Downtown and entered Grainger Tower. At first, I thought I was seeing things when a dinosaur flew overhead.  It seemed like a pterodactyl or some other flying dinosaur.  But it didn’t have wings.  It went so fast that I didn’t get a good look at it.  I asked a colleague who was standing next to me if… Read More

‘We Will Stop Her’

By Chase Chapley The Peace Force has finally released a statement on the “Dino-Day” incident.  It reads as follows: The Peace Force, while affected by the Dinosaur Queen’s magic, is working on how to best stop her evil plot.  Many of our members have either grown too small or too large to use their powers effectively without causing more harm than good.  Our greatest minds are formulating a way to both stop the Dinosaur Queen… Read More

Titana Defeats Hellena at Bayland

By Packie Williams Supervillain Hellena was back in New Romford today, jumping several miles in just a few jumps before being defeated by Titana at Bayland Amusement Park. Hellena, an alternate timeline version of the superhero Titana, had apparently stolen something from ATOM Labs this morning.  NRPD and ATOM Labs are keeping quiet as to what the item was, but it was small enough to be carried by hand in a metal container.  After stealing… Read More

Quinton School Nanites Keep Building

By Buffy Bolivar The nanites of the Quinton School for Young Superheroes appear to keep rebuilding the campus, long after they’ve rebuilt the buildings that were destroyed last week. Pop Man attacked the school last week, exploding several buildings on campus, and was eventually arrested.  When reached for comment on the attack, Professor Stratosphere remarked that he infused the architecture with nanites, or microscopic robots, that would rebuild any structure within days.  Apparently, that time… Read More

PF-Atlantis Meeting Wrap-up

By Stan Hopewell As the Peace Force-Atlantis Meeting wrapped up tonight, a few more details have started to emerge. First, Speedster eventually made it to the meetings, but no one saw her enter.  From all accounts, she was fidgeting when she did sit down, which distracted everyone, human and Atlantean alike.  She was asked to leave by a Peace Force member, and she did.  Again, no one saw her exit. Second, the levels of pollution… Read More