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Pumpkin Pi’

Pumpkin Pi Succombs to Fire, His One Weakness

By Muffy Borgeron Math-themed supervillain with a pumpkin for a head, Pumpkin Pi, was severely injured in a chemical fire in his workshop in Norwoods last night.  He’s currently being treated for third-degree burns and charring at ATOM Labs. Pumpkin Pi, whose real name is unknown, stole several drums of chemicals from Spade Chemical Plant a week ago.  In his secluded workshop in Norwoods, which was an abandoned bakery, Pi was apparently using his stolen… Read More

Pumpkin Pi Uses Clones as Henchmen in Latest Chemical Caper

By Muffy Borgeron The math-themed supervillain with a pumpkin for a head, Pumpkin Pi, robbed the Spade Chemical Plant last night with at least 15 clones as henchmen. Pumpkin Pi, who still claims he isn’t ripping off Sleepy Hollow and is simply the result of a weird pumpkin spice chemical accident, stole several gallons of unnamed chemicals from the Spade Chemical Plant, again.  Usually, he robs places with his Gourd Gang in tow, but Squash,… Read More