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Area Woman’s Daughter Is A Triceratops (Yes, Really)

By Chase Chapley Susan Wong thought she had lost her daughter during the Dino-Day Disaster.  She was nine-months pregnant at the time when she was transformed into a Triceratops, and like most of the city, she was confused and anxious, and her hormones didn’t help either.  Then she gave birth.  To an egg. “I was so excited to be a mother and was actually due in a week,” said Wong.  “My husband and I have… Read More

Residents Repay Businesses After Dino-Day Disaster

By Muffy Borgeron Businesses were hit hard during the Dino-Day Disaster, especially the ones that sold food.  Many were looted by hungry people, whose increased sizes required more calories to burn.  Today, thousands of residents flooded these businesses to pay for what they ate. “I was not expecting this,” said Sal Montoya, owner of Sal’s Deli in LoDo.  “My deli was empty after that day, and my insurance could only pay so much.  I don’t… Read More

Grainger Tower Taken Over, Transformed

By Chase Chapley Walking down a couple blocks, I was talking to as many people as I could, though everyone is understandably frightened and confused.  In the middle of a conversation with a duck-billed dinosaur named George, I was alerted to Grainger Tower.  It has been taken over by the Dinosaur Queen and transformed. I’m not well-versed in architecture, but it looks like it came from The Lord of the Rings.  It is darkly colored,… Read More