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‘Goo-Man’ Helps Keep Venice from Sinking

by Stan Hopewell VENICE, Italy – Ronaldo Vescio, a.k.a. “Goo-Man” for obvious reasons, helped the city of Venice keep afloat by excreting over 15 tons of his personal “goo” into the city’s foundation. Ten years ago, Vescio was drowned in toxic chemicals while trying to graffiti the inside of an active chemical factory in Berlin.  He fell into the chemicals and was presumed dead for several weeks.  Then, as the factory sifted through the chemicals,… Read More

Mic-D Benefit Concert Thrills and Spills

By Julia Crumpleman WHITE VALLEY – The Mic-D benefit concert for the victims of the Dino-Day Disaster, nicknamed #Mic-DDD on Twitter, went off without much of a hitch.  Until Mic-D came onstage. The benefit concert lasted five hours out at the Marias Amphitheatre outside of White Valley.  The venue was not damaged during the DDD as it was outside the radius of the Dino-Ray.  Over 20 musical acts and special guests were there to raise… Read More