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Grainger Tower Taken Over, Transformed

By Chase Chapley Walking down a couple blocks, I was talking to as many people as I could, though everyone is understandably frightened and confused.  In the middle of a conversation with a duck-billed dinosaur named George, I was alerted to Grainger Tower.  It has been taken over by the Dinosaur Queen and transformed. I’m not well-versed in architecture, but it looks like it came from The Lord of the Rings.  It is darkly colored,… Read More

NRFP Offices in Chaos

By Chase Chapley I’ve had to leave the third floor of the Dumont Building, where the NRFP journalists and editorial board work, to the ground floor.  Building supervisor Ned Lambert, now a two-foot tall feathered dinosaur, told us the building was unstable since someone changed into a 100-foot long dinosaur on the eighth floor.  When that happened, the person crashed through several floors due to his or her sudden weight gain. Getting down to the… Read More

Dinosaur Queen Turns New Romford Into Dinosaurs

By Chase Chapley Twenty-two minutes ago, the supervillain known as the Dinosaur Queen emitted a ray of energy that turned everyone in New Romford into dinosaurs.  Twenty minutes ago, she released a video on YouTube admitting her actions and demanded New Romforders to “praise” her. “Praise me, New Romford!” she said.  “It is I, the Dinosaur Queen, who has transformed you into the beautiful creatures you are now.  You are now faster and stronger than… Read More


***BREAKING NEWS*** Everyone in New Romford, at least Downtown, has been transformed into a dinosaur by some kind of energy beam. The extent is not known yet as this has just happened.  Our communication systems are spotty at the moment.  If you can read this, we will work to bring you the up-to-the-moment news on this unusual event. More to come…