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‘Normal Man’ Passes Away

gilBy Muffy Borgeron

Gil Heredia, the ATOM Labs maintenance worker who fell into a vat of chemicals a month ago, has passed away at the age of 54 due to complications from his injuries.

ATOM Lab scientists are still trying to comprehend what has happened to one of their own.  “This is just so tragic,” said Heredia’s manager, Lauren Paladio.  “Gil was a good man, and I grieve for his family who will have to forge on without him.”  Paladio said that he also had a good life insurance policy as does everyone at ATOM Labs, so they will at least be financially taken care of, and they are also planning a memorial service in the courtyard.

The Heredia family could not be reached for comment and have asked for privacy.

Carlos Montero, the scientist assigned to monitor Heredia’s condition, is confused by what has happened.  “I know the human body better than anyone,” he said, “and I’ve seen dozens of people fall into vats of chemicals and survive.  This, tragically, is the first instance where one didn’t come back.  None of the chemicals attached to his DNA and gave him powers, not even a horn or single levitation.  His organs, they just gave out.”

ATOM Labs has pledged to discover what exactly happened with Heredia, but any decision on an autopsy will have to be made by the family.