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Winston National Bank Robbed During Memorial

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By Packie Williams

While the Peace Force, Mayor Lawrence, and the NRPD were attending the memorial for those lost during the Dino-Day Disaster at Two Rivers Park, Winston National Bank was robbed by four masked men, the first successful big bank robbery in 24 years.

The masked men did not appear to be part of supervillain’s gang as they were dressed head-to-toe in black.  They rushed into the downtown branch of Winston National Bank with smoke grenades, subduing the security guards.  Civilians were rounded up and tied up to the hand rails on the far side of the bank.  A teller hit the silent alarm, but the subsequent police investigation found that it had been disarmed prior to the robbery.  An explosive was used to open the vault, and the masked men filled their duffel bags with cash and escaped via the alley.

The robbery lasted just under five minutes.  No police or superhero responded to the incident.

It was the first successful big bank robbery in New Romford in 24 years.  Many experts thought that bank robberies of this scale were a thing of the past.  “We have so many superheroes in this city,” said NRU criminology professor Carl Cram, “and they always catch the robbers before they escape.  People routinely rob the smaller branch banks out in the suburbs where the superhero presence is lower, but these people timed their hit well.”

“It’s not a coincidence that they hit this bank during the memorial.”

Winston National Bank refused to say how much money was stolen, but it is believed to be in the millions.  The NRPD declined to comment on the lack of police response or whether the DDD memorial had any effect on their response time.  The Peace Force stated they had several members patrolling the streets today, but they were “caught up in other activities at the time.”