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More Thefts in Dukes; Police: ‘We Will Stop This’

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  • More Thefts in Dukes; Police: ‘We Will Stop This’


By Packie Williams

The pressure on the NRPD to end the mysterious Dukes thefts is rising as another spat of homes were robbed yesterday.  In total, 59 homes have been robbed, and the NRPD have classifieds these as robberies.

“These are without a doubt the work of a superhuman,” said Police Commissioner Trombeau.  “Someone is breaking into people’s homes and stealing their possessions.  We’re not sure who is doing this, but we will stop this.”

Mayor Lawrence has tasked every police officer in the Downtown and Dukes boroughs with finding any bit of information they can.  “We’re still recovering from the Dino-Day Disaster,” he said, “and this cannot continue when people are trying to get back on their feet.”  When asked if the Peace Force would be asked to join the investigation, Lawrence said, “We haven’t gotten to that level yet.  Some of the smaller, street-level heroes may be on the case as we speak, but I can’t say whether or not that’s happening.”

The thefts all have left the home owners’ scratching their heads as to how the thief entered their houses and emptied their bank accounts.  Often, they are left in a daze some time after the theft, which may mean their minds or bodies were tampered with in some way.  This would be a powers-based assault, and if convicted, can lead to at least 10 years in prison, depending on severity.

But the physical assault is no match for the psychological assault.  “I just don’t know how to protect my family, right now,” said Jim Carter-Scholl, whose house was robbed yesterday afternoon.  “Locks and safes didn’t stop this, whatever it was, so I don’t know what to do now.  That’s what really scares me.”