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Lava Monsters Attack Atlantis-Pacifica Meeting

By Skip Daverman PANAMA CANAL – A small army of lava monsters from the Ring of Fire attacked the Atlantis-Pacifica meetings today, killing six Atlanteans and two Pacificans before being defeated by the ocean-dwellers combined military might. The lava monsters, known as the Lavals, have long been enemies of ocean-dwellers the world over.  They have been vying for territory above the lava vents, and that territory has largely belonged to Atlantis.  Many Lavals and Atlanteans… Read More

PF-Atlantis Meeting Wrap-up

By Stan Hopewell As the Peace Force-Atlantis Meeting wrapped up tonight, a few more details have started to emerge. First, Speedster eventually made it to the meetings, but no one saw her enter.  From all accounts, she was fidgeting when she did sit down, which distracted everyone, human and Atlantean alike.  She was asked to leave by a Peace Force member, and she did.  Again, no one saw her exit. Second, the levels of pollution… Read More

Meetings Over; On to Washington

By Stan Hopewell At 7pm the Peace Force-Atlantis Meeting is officially over.  U.S. officials, Peace Force members, and Atlanteans flooded the hall in good spirits.  Adonis, Titana, and the royal couple appeared before the crowd on the balcony, thanking everyone for attending. “I officially call this year’s meeting to a close,” said Adonis.  “It’s not often that we all get together like this, and I’m honored to have hosted King Morn, Queen Rosn’elia, and their… Read More

Lightning Bug Arrested; Meetings Back to Business

By Stan Hopewell Reports are coming in that Speedster has apprehended the Lightning Bug and turned him over to the NRPD.  While no Peace Force members or Atlanteans seemed worried about it, attendees couldn’t help but think of last year’s incident with the Mind Master. Regardless, the attendees took a break from the meetings during the incident just to be sure.  “Well, we got to a certain point in the talks when the news broke… Read More

“Reboot Man” Denied Entrance to Meetings

By Stan Hopewell The superhero dubbed “Reboot Man” by the press tried to gain entrance to the Atlantis-Peace Force Meetings but was turned away due to lack of clearance. Ray Denver, known as “Reboot Man” for his numerous identity changes over the past few years, started his superhero career as Star-Man.  He gained the powers of flight, super-strength, energy blasts, and energy manipulation from a pulsar while exploring Alpha Centauri.  This identity only lasted three… Read More

Meeting Attendees Aware of Speedster Incident

By Stan Hopewell Reports have been flying in of Speedster chasing Lightning Bug through East Town.  So far, the Peace Force and Atlanteans don’t seem worried. The Lightning Bug, who may’ve blown up an apartment at the Verzatt Estates, was spotted somewhere in East Town by Speedster.  A chase has ensued, but the Peace Force members here at PFHQ have reassured everyone that she can handle it.  “Speedster is very capable of taking care of… Read More

First Meetings Wrapping Up

By Stan Hopewell The first meetings are wrapping up at around 1pm as U.S. officials, Peace Force members, and Atlanteans are trickling into the main hall of PFHQ.  The meetings are taking a break for lunch as the Peace Force has laid out a five-star buffet of American and French dishes along with several Atlantean dishes.  The royal couple was not present. Reporters were allowed to ask questions after a half-hour lunch.  Senator Jan Holloway… Read More