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Lava Monsters Attack Atlantis-Pacifica Meeting

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By Skip Daverman

PANAMA CANAL – A small army of lava monsters from the Ring of Fire attacked the Atlantis-Pacifica meetings today, killing six Atlanteans and two Pacificans before being defeated by the ocean-dwellers combined military might.

The lava monsters, known as the Lavals, have long been enemies of ocean-dwellers the world over.  They have been vying for territory above the lava vents, and that territory has largely belonged to Atlantis.  Many Lavals and Atlanteans (and Pacificans) have died over the centuries in multiple wars.  Considering King Morn A’Ganor and Viceroy Parr’Ell Montae were both in the same location, it looks like they were seizing an opportunity.

The Lavals burst up from the Pacific side of the Panama Canal, breaking through rock and creating a new lava breach.  Their molten bodies evaporated water at a tremendous rate, creating a blinding sheet of bubbles to conceal their movements.  The Pacific Guard was the first to engage the Lavals, but they were caught by surprise.  It didn’t take long for the lava monsters to breach the underwater conference center.

Once in, the Atlantic Guard joined the battle and fared better, but not much.  The Lavals melted everything in their sight, looking for the world leaders.  The Pacific and Atlantic Guards battled for several minutes with the Lavals as King Morn and Viceroy Montae were moved to a safe location.  King Morn’s Special Guard, thankfully, was prepared for just such an occasion.

The Special Guard always carry around a super-cooling chemical mixture in bullet and grenade forms on their belts as they must combat any given situation.  They were able to end the battle by freezing most of the Lavals in the conference center.  Realizing the tide had turned, the small remaining Lavals fled back underground.  Six Atlanteans and two Pacificans died in the battle with several dozen more injured.  King Morn and Viceroy Montae were uninjured.

The meetings were called off indefinitely so each side could mourn their fallen comrades.