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King Morn’

Pacifica Wins Election, Independence

  By Stan Hopewell ATLANTIS —  In a historic election, Pacifica has won its independence in a landslide victory, 68% pro-independence, 30% anti-independence, 2% indifferent. After the revelation of Atlantean General Jor Q’Rell staging the Laval attack on the Atlantis-Pacifica meeting, and possible time travel shenanigans, King Morn A’Ganor of Atlantis agreed to hold an election to determine the fate of Pacifican independence.  Some political observers worried that two weeks was too little time to… Read More

Atlantean General Behind Laval Attack, Arrested; Elections to Be Held in 2 Weeks

By Skip Daverman PANAMA CANAL – In an abrupt turn of events, a rogue Atlantean General was arrested for staging the Laval attack on the Atlantis-Pacifica meetings, and King Morn A’Ganor has agreed to holding an election for Pacifica’s independence two weeks from now. With the aid of Adonis, Titana, and Micro-Man, who’s been in hiding during the investigation into the attack, Atlantean and Pacifican forces joined together to arrest Jor Q’Rell, a high-ranking General… Read More

Adonis, Titana Mediate Atlantis-Pacifica Meetings Around Rumors

  By Skip Daverman PANAMA CANAL – Adonis and Titana mediated a meeting between Atlantis and Pacifica today, by request of King Morn, after a rumor emerged that Atlantis staged the Laval attack from last week. During a meeting regarding Pacifica’s quest for independence from Atlantis, a small army of Lavals (lava monsters from underneath the ocean floor) attacked the proceedings.  It’s thought they saw an opportunity to eliminate both the Atlantean and Pacifican leaders… Read More

Lava Monsters Attack Atlantis-Pacifica Meeting

By Skip Daverman PANAMA CANAL – A small army of lava monsters from the Ring of Fire attacked the Atlantis-Pacifica meetings today, killing six Atlanteans and two Pacificans before being defeated by the ocean-dwellers combined military might. The lava monsters, known as the Lavals, have long been enemies of ocean-dwellers the world over.  They have been vying for territory above the lava vents, and that territory has largely belonged to Atlantis.  Many Lavals and Atlanteans… Read More

Atlantis, Pacifica Brawl Over Food, Customs

Original Map by Free Vector Maps By Skip Daverman PANAMA CANAL – A meeting between delegates from Atlantis and Pacifica ended on a sour note today, as the two sides brawled over differing tastes in food and customs. Atlanteans and Pacificans each have their own regional foods and customs that have often been compared to the differences between New Yorkers and Los Angelinos, respectively.  A natural rivalry has developed over the centuries, and sometimes that… Read More

Pacifica Declares Independence from Atlantis

Original Map by Free Vector Maps By Falco Rockbert PACIFICA – The underwater city and province, Pacifica, which has been under Atlantean rule since it was colonized over 500 years ago has formally declared independence. Viceroy Parr’Ell Montae of Pacifica, who had been overseeing the entire Pacific region of the world’s oceans for Atlantis for the past 16 years, made the declaration in writing.  Translated from Atlantean, it read, “For 532 years, Pacifica has been… Read More

Meetings Over; On to Washington

By Stan Hopewell At 7pm the Peace Force-Atlantis Meeting is officially over.  U.S. officials, Peace Force members, and Atlanteans flooded the hall in good spirits.  Adonis, Titana, and the royal couple appeared before the crowd on the balcony, thanking everyone for attending. “I officially call this year’s meeting to a close,” said Adonis.  “It’s not often that we all get together like this, and I’m honored to have hosted King Morn, Queen Rosn’elia, and their… Read More