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Adonis, Titana Mediate Atlantis-Pacifica Meetings Around Rumors

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By Skip Daverman

PANAMA CANAL – Adonis and Titana mediated a meeting between Atlantis and Pacifica today, by request of King Morn, after a rumor emerged that Atlantis staged the Laval attack from last week.

During a meeting regarding Pacifica’s quest for independence from Atlantis, a small army of Lavals (lava monsters from underneath the ocean floor) attacked the proceedings.  It’s thought they saw an opportunity to eliminate both the Atlantean and Pacifican leaders at the same time, but they were forced to retreat after a fierce battle.  All but two Lavals escaped, however, and these two have been in Atlantean custody since the attack.

Sometime during an interrogation by a Pacifican offical, that official supposedly caught on to a larger plan behind the attack.  A few days later, suspicion among the Pacificans has grown that Atlantis may’ve staged the attack.  That’s when King Morn called in Adonis and Titana.

“I understand why King Morn called them in,” said political observer, Luis Mendoza of the Univeristy of Panama.  “On the surface, so to speak, they are third parties, very strong third parties, who will help make sure things don’t get out of hand.  But they also have a long-standing friendship with King Morn, and that can only escalate the situation.”

“I just hope we don’t have a civil war brewing underwater.  That would have drastic consequences for everyone in the world.”

Sources inside the meetings reported a noticeable rise in tension when Adonis and Titana arrived.  They are keeping out of the discussions, though, and have only stepped in to break up fights before they had a chance to begin.

King Morn assured everyone that Atlantis was not behind the attack and that Adonis and Titana “will not pick sides in this matter.”  “We will resolve this, seaperson to seaperson, with our feet firmly planted into the seabed,” he said.