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Pacifica Declares Independence from Atlantis

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By Falco Rockbert

PACIFICA – The underwater city and province, Pacifica, which has been under Atlantean rule since it was colonized over 500 years ago has formally declared independence.

Viceroy Parr’Ell Montae of Pacifica, who had been overseeing the entire Pacific region of the world’s oceans for Atlantis for the past 16 years, made the declaration in writing.  Translated from Atlantean, it read, “For 532 years, Pacifica has been a dutiful colony and province of the great Atlantis Empire.  In our time, we have helped to colonize over 5,000 towns, cities, ports, and outposts in the Pacific, and we have helped our brothers and sisters in the Atlantic and Indian fight those who would wish to rule the seas as well as the land.  The wonderful bounty of the Pacific has helped strengthen not only Pacifica but also Atlantis, but the time has come for Pacifica to rule itself.  We declare our independence from our brothers and sisters in peace.”

The declaration was not a surprise.  The Pacifican parliament has been accumulating pro-secession MPs for the past 40 years, and just last year, the secessionists gained a 60% majority.  Though unconfirmed, reports from Atlantis in recent months have suggested that Viceroy Montae has been lobbying King Morn A’Ganor behind closed doors for independence.

The Pacifica Province, which covers the entirety of the Pacific Ocean floor, is by far the richest province in the Atlantis Empire.  Petroleum and natural gas are more prevalent in the Pacific, pearls and coral reefs are more abundant, and the kelp farms are bigger.  The volcanic activity, while volatile, provides many raw materials that have helped strengthen the Atlantis military.  The Pacific is also a direct route to Japan, China, Korea, Australia, and the United States, all strategic alliances that Pacifica maintains.  Losing Pacifica would dramatically affect the Atlantis Empire’s economic and political stability.

Among the list of concerns in the declaration from Viceroy Montae, lack of support from Atlantis is at the top of the list.  “We feel that Pacifican problems are best solved by Pacificans,” read the declaration.  “Pacifica is too large and distant to be ruled, completely, by the great Atlantis Empire.  Furthermore, the taxes and port fees at the Panama Canal and Tierra del Fuego have risen beyond reason, and the reduction in volcano relief has put Pacificans in great danger.  We understand that times are tough for everyone in the Atlantis Empire, and we wish to ease part of your burden while also gaining self-governance.”

King A’Ganor has not responded to the declaration and is not expected to for several days while he and his Royal Circle discuss the issue.