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Lightning Bug Trial Begins; Dinosaur Queen Sent to Federal Court

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  • Lightning Bug Trial Begins; Dinosaur Queen Sent to Federal Court


By Chase Chapley

Today’s supervillain legal roundup sees two of New Romford’s most recent criminals in court.  Lightning Bug, a.k.a. Horace Wagner, was in New Romford City Court, which had been deemed functional by engineers after the Dino-Day Disaster, for the start of his trial.  Last month, Wagner is accused of causing an explosion in the Verzatt Estates.  He was later apprehended by Speedster on I-188.

Wagner is being tried on eight counts of destruction of property, three counts of illegal possession of advanced weaponry, and one count of vandalism, battery, and unlawful possession of mutated organisms.  While many legal experts expected a plea deal for this case, Wagner pled not guilty to all charges.  “It’s probably not the smart move,” said legal expert, Burt Montana.  “There is security camera footage of him exiting the exploded building, he was wearing his illegal armor, and who else uses giant bugs as a motif?  It’s a pretty open-and-shut case.”

Meanwhile, Dinosaur Queen, whose attack killed at least 79 people and caused billions in property damage, is being sent to federal court and probably out of state.  The Dino-Day Disaster is being considered a terrorist attack and if convicted would incur a much harsher punishment.  Some politicians are even suggesting sending her to Guantanamo Bay, although that seems unlikely.  For the time being, she’s being kept in an undisclosed location, and her pet dinosaur, Rawrasaur, is being kept in a separate undisclosed location.