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Atlantis and Pacifica Meet at Panama Canal

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Original Map by Free Vectors

By Skip Daverman

PANAMA CANAL – Atlantis King Morn A’Ganor and Pacifica Viceroy Parr’Ell Montae met today with their delegations in the underwater portion, in Lago Gatún, of the Panama Canal to discuss Pacifica’s recent declaration of independence from Atlantis.

Last week, Viceroy Montae released a declaration of independence from Atlantis, citing concerns over lack of self-control, high taxes, and lax volcano relief.  King A’Ganor has not publicly responded to the declaration.  Reports from Atlantis have surfaced that the King’s Royal Circle is furious over “such a traitorous act”, though a few members have expressed sympathy for the Pacificans arguments.

Not much was made public from today’s meeting other than nothing has changed.  Sources said that it was a meeting to “clear the waters” between the two sides.  By and large, it was a civil meeting that lasted two hours, though there were a few outbursts from both sides.  Those outbursts were caused more by “cultural differences” between Atlantis and Pacifica than anything else as the King and Viceroy remained calm throughout the meeting.

After the meeting, the two delegations left in peace and returned to their respective port towns on each side of the canal.  King A’Ganor and Viceroy Montae are expected to meet again in a few days.