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New App Tracks Superheroes

By Julia Crumpleman A new app, Cape Finder, has hit the market, and it’ll allow users to track sightings of superheroes, supervillains, and other super-powered people and creatures with one tap. Argon Studios, the developer of Cape Finder, says the app will utilize the phone’s GPS software to pin a map when users see a superhero or supervillain, much like Foursquare does.  “All it’ll take is a tap on your screen,” said lead developer, Chad… Read More

Titana Defeats Hellena at Bayland

By Packie Williams Supervillain Hellena was back in New Romford today, jumping several miles in just a few jumps before being defeated by Titana at Bayland Amusement Park. Hellena, an alternate timeline version of the superhero Titana, had apparently stolen something from ATOM Labs this morning.  NRPD and ATOM Labs are keeping quiet as to what the item was, but it was small enough to be carried by hand in a metal container.  After stealing… Read More

PFHQ Abuzz with Activity

By Stan Hopewell The Peace Force-Atlantis Meeting has gotten underway at Peace Force Headquaters.  The Royal Circle is talking with their counterparts in the U.S. cabinet and state department over hors d’oeuvres in the main hall.  Various members of the Peace Force are chatting with the Atlanteans as well, but Adonis, Titana, and Secretary of State are separated on the balcony with the royal couple. The press has been allowed to wander around as this… Read More

King Morn A’Ganor Greeted at Docks

By Stan Hopewell A little after 9am, the Atlanteans arrived at pier 34 as the M’ranic surfaced from Winston Bay.  Several Atlantean troops, wearing the country’s patented SCOBA devices around their gilled necks, exited the giant ship to form a royal procession for their king. Morn A’Ganor, along with his wife, Rosn’elia, exited the M’ranic to greet Adonis and Titana.  They had a small conversation at the pier, and then greeted Mayor Lawrence and the… Read More

Atlantis-Peace Force Meeting to Begin at 9am

By Stan Hopewell The Atlantis-Peace Force Meeting is set to start in an hour, and downtown New Romford is abuzz with activity.  The NRPD has barricaded Trevor Rd, 31st St, and 4th Ave to make a clear path for the Atlanteans.  Adonis, Titana, and Dr. Amazing are waiting at the docks to greet King Morn A’Ganor and his Royal Circle, along with Senator Saluzzi and Secretary of State Clinton.  The rest of the Peace Force… Read More