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Lightning Bug Argues Self-Defense

lbmugshotwebBy Chase Chapley

Confounding many legal experts, the Lightning Bug, a.k.a. Horace Wagner, and his attorney argued in court today that his actions at the Verzatt Estates were in self-defense.  The prosecution had presented evidence that Wagner had been setting himself up as a hired gun in the New Romford underworld, and in testing out his new equipment, he accidentally caused the explosion.  Wagner and his attorney argued that he had to wear the armor to defend himself from Speedster, who they say has been tracking him for several weeks, and that he was in New Romford to find help for his mutated bugs, which he claims were mistreated by an associate of his.

It’s an unusual defense made by a known supervillain.  Peace Force-sanctioned superheroes have the authority to pursue known criminals if they have probable cause the criminal committed a crime or if they have escaped prison.  Wagner has been wanted by the FBI for several months prior to his arrest on suspicion of robbery charges in New York and Philadelphia.

“It seems like they’re grasping at straws,” said legal expert, Burt Montana.  “Speedster was nowhere near the Verzatt Estates at the time of the explosion, and they didn’t establish any other threat besides her.  If another supervillain were threatening him in that apartment, then he has a compelling case, but he hasn’t put forth any evidence for that.”

The prosecution didn’t seem fazed by the argument, pointing out many of the same flaws that Montana did.  The defense argued that since Speedster is so fast that it would be likely that she could enter the apartment mostly undetected.  They also asked for Speedster to be testify in court, but as she was in India fighting a giant elephant monster with a pair of Indian superheroes, she wasn’t available.