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Werewolves Declare Independence from Transylvania

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By Skip Daverman

CLUJ – In a move riding the wave of Pacifica and Asimovia, the werewolves of Translyvania have also declared their independence from the Republic of Transylvania.

“For too long we have sat underneath the thumb of Dracula,” said Lupine Nation leader, Dinu Nicolescu.  “We have been belittled, betrayed, ignored, and harassed by a leader who claims to work for all creatures in his kingdom.  He has not done so.  First, he let the Chupacabras in, then he lowered the tax on silver.  Soon, he will surely allow the Van Helsings of the world into our borders.  Just because we don’t donate the most blood to his campaign–because we can’t or else he would turn into a werewolf, and we all know how he feels about us Lupines—he thinks he can walk all over us.  Well, not anymore.  The Lupine Nation will not have our voice drowned out by Big Blood.”

“We declare independence from Transylvania,” he continued.  “And we will govern ourselves under the Full Moon Standard.”

The nation of Transylvania is relatively small compared to other European nations.  Its borders have shifted countless times over the past five centuries due to war and political alliances.  The current nation is primarily covered by Romania but has a small border with Hungary and Ukraine.  Where the proposed “Lupine Nation” would reside was not answered by Nicolescu in his statement.

Prime Minister Dracula did not immediately respond, but his office did say that they were looking into the matter.  Sources inside the Royal Palace indicated that this was a surprise to Dracula and his cabinet.  Given how fiercely Dracula has defended his borders over the past 200 years, it is not likely that he’ll let a part of his country secede in peace.

More to come on this breaking story.