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Multiplier Clones His Way Out of Police Custody

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By Packie Williams

The multiplier, who stole the rare quantillium shipment several weeks ago, was caught by the NRPD in a raid in an East Town tenement, until he cloned his way out of police custody.

The raid by the NRPD began yesterday afternoon after a tip was received to gang activity in the Hoffman Tenement.  It’s not known who the police were going in after, but sources said that the multiplier was not part of the tip-off.  The police did not say who they arrested, but the only superhuman was the multiplier.

Police barged in and began firing stun beams to subdue the alleged gang members.  After a short fight, the gang members, caught by surprise, surrendered.  The multiplier, whose identity is still unknown, was among those arrested.  The NRPD proceeded to pack the 14 alleged gang members into police vans, and it was at this moment that the multiplier began multiplying.

In a matter of seconds, one man turned into 24, overwhelming the police.  He even sent three officers flying 15 feet into the air.  The multipliers fought some of the remaining officers, got into the police vans, and drove away.  Some multipliers ran away on foot, generating more clones to make their escape.

Only one alleged gang member didn’t make the escape.  Sources identified him as Sam “Juggsy” Jalone, a low-level henchman and gun trafficker.  He’s been taken into custody for questioning.  Police are asking the public to be on the lookout for men who look the same (assuming they aren’t twins or triplets).