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GORM Is Magical Frog, Now Banished to Home Dimension

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By Chase Chapley

The mystery of who or what GORM was has now been solved.  GORM is a giant magical frog from Earth-188, where it apparently reigns supreme.

The Peace Force issued a detailed accounting of how GORM came to our dimension:

The Magnificent Magician, Magicimo®, encountered a strange magical anomaly on the outer reaches of The Mystic Plane, and he went to investigate.  He came across a unique dimension inhabited by bird-lizard hybrids that wasn’t a planet Earth.

The magical anomaly was coming from one of this world’s castles, and it was clear the bird-lizard hybrids were being subjugated.  The Magnificent Magician, Magicimo®, used a cloaking spell to roam the castle to gather information.  Despite not understanding anything the inhabitants said, as they spoke no human language, he was able to ascertain they were being manipulated, and the magical anomaly was coming from the castle’s throne room.

The Magnificent Magician, Magicimo®, found a giant frog named GORM.  It was using his magic to enslave the bird-lizard people.  Due to the magical energy swirling around the frog, The Magnificent Magician, Magicimo®, determined GORM wasn’t from this dimension, and the frog turned off his cloaking spell.

They were able to speak to each other using a translation spell, and The Magnificent Magician, Magicimo®, discovered that the frog was named GORM and that it wished to increase its territory across dimensions.  The Magnificent Magician, Magicimo®, objected, and they got into a magic fight.  They began to leap across dimensions, throwing magic spells at each other.  They hopped into our dimension, and one of GORM’s spells interacted unusually with our dimension, and the recent bout of “frogs” in the Shorefont’s lexicon was one of the results.

Eventually, The Magnificent Magician, Magicimo®, was able to trick GORM with an illusion spell and banished it back to its home dimension, depowered.  He has swept the Shorefront for any magical residue, and apart from some computer files, he found the neighborhood free and clear of GORM’s influence.

The Peace Force did not specify if the computer files still contained some amount of GORM’s magic, or if this residue was harmful.  Currently, our “FROGS FROGS FROGS” article remains on our site.