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Asimovia Attacked During Night Recharge Cycles, 24 “Dead”

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By Stan Hopewell

NAGASAKI – The island known as Asimovia was attacked last night while most of its inhabitants were in their recharge cycles.  At least 24 robots were “killed” by a computer virus.

The assailants were humans who didn’t carry any electronics with them apart from several flash drives that carried a computer virus.  They reportedly dressed in all black clothes with face masks.  The assailants infiltrated Asimovia, though by what means is still being determined.  Once they arrived on the island, they maneuvered their way to the central mainframe that recharges the robots and installs system upgrades during the night.  Then they installed the computer virus to the central mainframe, tripping the alarm.

Asimovian guards flew towards them (note:  the guards are drone helicopters), but the assailants were fast and nimble.  After a chase all throughout the island, the assailants were able to dive into the ocean, evading most of the robots.  A submarine robot was deployed to go after them, but it was not able to find them.

Meanwhile, the virus infected over 100 robots.  The type of virus was not disclosed by Asimovia, but it was effective in “killing” 24 robots.  Asimovia describes the robots as “dying” in that the personalities of the infected robots was permanently deleted.  The bodies of these robots were still intact, and theoretically, their internal mainframes can be rebooted, but they will not have any of the memories of who they were.  Technicians were able to isolate the virus, preventing it from spreading to the thousands of robots on Asimovia, and to remove the virus from the infected robots and central mainframe.  Asimovian leader Victor Priceworth was reportedly not infected by the virus.

Understandably, robots around the world are outraged, and they’re blaming Japan for the attack.  “Monk 3.0 has never experienced such an emotion designated OUTRAGE,” said San Franciscan research robot, Monk 3.0.  “Humans create robots for purpose designated HELP, and robots ask for qualifications designated RESPECT and DECENCY.  Monk 3.0 is certain nation designated JAPAN is responsible for atrocity designated ROBOCIDE.  They must result designated PAY.”

Japan is the most obvious culprit at the moment.  Prime Minister Abe denied any involvement from the Japanese government and vowed full cooperation with Asimovia in bringing the assailants to justice.

“I am personally appalled by this senseless act of violence,” said Abe.  “While Japan has had its differences with Asimovia, we did not do this.  The Asimovians have thus far proved themselves to be peaceful, and we would not needlessly provoke a peaceful people.  We call upon the international community to assist us in the investigation of this attack.  Japan will cooperate.”

Asimovia would not comment on the Prime Minister’s statement, but they have asked for the Peace Force’s aid in the investigation as they’ve had several robot members in the past.