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Lightning Bug Argues Self-Defense

By Chase Chapley Confounding many legal experts, the Lightning Bug, a.k.a. Horace Wagner, and his attorney argued in court today that his actions at the Verzatt Estates were in self-defense.  The prosecution had presented evidence that Wagner had been setting himself up as a hired gun in the New Romford underworld, and in testing out his new equipment, he accidentally caused the explosion.  Wagner and his attorney argued that he had to wear the armor… Read More

Speedster Helps with Recovery, Wrecks More Things than Repairs

By Buffy Bolivar While intending to be helpful as always, Speedster ended up making things worse today when she “helped” with the recovery after the Dino-Day Disaster. The majority of the Peace Force was working with the New Romford rescue crews to remove debris from fallen buildings and to find missing people, the typical superhero work.  Speedster was on hand as well today, and her super-speed began tearing up the Industrial and University Districts.  “I… Read More

Lightning Bug Equipment Malfunction Caused Explosion

By Chase Chapley New details have emerged from the Lightning Bug’s capture last week.  Horace Wagner, a.k.a. the Lightning Bug, had acquired some new equipment while staying at the Verzatt Estates.  This new equipment apparently malfunctioned and caused the explosion. Wagner had set up an alias in New Romford several months ago, presumably to make connections with new partners.  Sources within the NRPD are not commenting on exactly who he was meeting with, but given… Read More

Speedster Zips Through Downtown, Leaves Wave of Destruction

By Chase Chapley On her way out of New Romford this morning, Speedster left her usual wave of destruction down 21st Street as cars slammed into each other trying to avoid her quick movements. On First Avenue, Jonathan Hu veered off the side of the road into a light post.  “She just came out of nowhere,” he said.  “She was running so fast that all I could do was swerve, but I hit the damn… Read More

PF-Atlantis Meeting Wrap-up

By Stan Hopewell As the Peace Force-Atlantis Meeting wrapped up tonight, a few more details have started to emerge. First, Speedster eventually made it to the meetings, but no one saw her enter.  From all accounts, she was fidgeting when she did sit down, which distracted everyone, human and Atlantean alike.  She was asked to leave by a Peace Force member, and she did.  Again, no one saw her exit. Second, the levels of pollution… Read More

Lightning Bug Arrested; Meetings Back to Business

By Stan Hopewell Reports are coming in that Speedster has apprehended the Lightning Bug and turned him over to the NRPD.  While no Peace Force members or Atlanteans seemed worried about it, attendees couldn’t help but think of last year’s incident with the Mind Master. Regardless, the attendees took a break from the meetings during the incident just to be sure.  “Well, we got to a certain point in the talks when the news broke… Read More

Speedster Captures Lightning Bug

By Chase Chapley Speedster tore through East Town today in pursuit of Lightning Bug, who is one of Speedster’s supervillains from New York.  He is suspected of causing the explosion at the Verzatt Apartments yesterday. The chase went up Main Street and veered off into the winding streets of East Town before culminating on the Milton Street exit on I-188.  It was a mixture of lightning, mutated insects, and super speed which ended in a… Read More