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Temporary Shelter Locations

By Chase Chapley

Mayor Lawrence has announced several major locations for temporary shelter locations for tonight, and possibly longer if need be.

“First and foremost, don’t enter your home if it isn’t safe,” he said.  “We just survived a nightmare, and we don’t want any further nightmares just because we think we’re safe now.  If you’re not confident in your home’s structural integrity, we will be setting up temporary shelters in parks, schools, stadiums, and arena.  Please remain calm as we work to give everyone some place safe to sleep tonight.”

Here is a list of the major shelter locations throughout the city:

-Riverfront Park
-Veterans Park
-Railer Stadium
-GBH Stadium
-LifePrime Arena
-Quigley Aquarium

-Pioneer Park
-New Romford Airport
-Hominy Park
-Grainger High School

-New Romford University
-Two Rivers Park
-Stanton High School

-Norwoods University
-Norwoods Fairgrounds
-Legends Park

The Heights
-Highlake Park
-Heights College
-Future Farm

Many private businesses are also providing shelter, but if you’re having trouble, contact the Mayor’s Crisis Management Office for assistance.