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Search for Survivors

By Chase Chapley

I’m back in my office, and on the way, I noticed several buildings that had collapsed.  Firemen, police officers, robots from New Romford University, and regular citizens themselves were digging through debris.  They were looking for survivors.

It hadn’t occurred to me, but how many people are trapped in collapsed buildings?  The structural integrity of many buildings were compromised when people suddenly gained body mass.  Suppose that building didn’t collapse immediately, like my office, and only stayed together because a two-ton dinosaur was stuck in place.  Now shrink that dinosaur back to a normal human size, and the building is going to cave.

How many people are trapped?  What about planes, trains, and ships?  I haven’t heard about any plane or train crashes, thankfully, but what about ships?  New Romford is a major port.  I wonder if any sank, and if any of those humans changed into sea-based dinosaurs.  Everyone here on land seemed to transform into a land or air-based dinosaur.  I can only hope the same can be said for sailors.

Now, I’m purely speculating, and I don’t mean to alarm anyone any more than I have.  But if you’re near a collapsed building, help out the authorities any way you can.