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Pinnacle Health Raided by Authorities


By Dash Hamley

Pinnacle Health, a sports and wellness clinic in White Valley, was raided by local police and the DEA today on suspicion of selling superpower drugs.  Jared Mendoza, owner of Pinnacle Health, was also arrested as were his staff members.  He employed at least twelve people, but only five were on the premises at the time of the raid.

Mendoza is being accused of selling and distributing superpower drugs, which is a class-A federal offense.  A conviction of selling even one syringe or pill bottle can lead to 10 years in prison.  Depending on what the authorities find within the clinic, Mendoza and his employees may spend the rest of their lives in prison.

The break in the case reportedly came from an ex-employee, whose name hasn’t been released to the public.  This person had a falling out with Mendoza over an incident with a client, and this client was a professional athlete.  Mendoza and the athlete pressured the informant to keep quiet and threatened to harm this person and their family.  When the athlete was out of town, the informant went to the police, supposedly because the athlete has superpowers and Mendoza does not.

Pinnacle Health has been “helping athletes, and everyone, achieve the pinnacle of human health for over 30 years,” according to its website.  It bills itself as an “all-natural approach to health, using the cutting edge of modern science,” but it appears that they may’ve been selling low-grade superpowers off the books.  The DEA would not comment on the matter as they are still investigating the premises.  But if a professional athlete was one of Mendoza’s clients, then there may be more professional athletes on his clients list.  On top of that, using superpower drugs, even to gain low-level superpowers is also a class-A federal offense with a minimum sentence of 20 years.