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Hellena Wants to Go to Time Court

hellenamugshotwebBy Chase Chapley

The trial of Hellena has been delayed for another month because the defense asked for a review of the charges.  Primarily, they insist that since Hellena is a time-displaced being that she should be tried in the International Time Court in Paris.

“A client like mine in a case such as this,” said Hellena’s attorney, “should not be subject to the linear temporal timescape such as our own and which this court represents.  When one is tried for a crime, one is presented before the appropriate court with the appropriate jurisdiction.  As such, my client must be tried before her appropriate court.”

The International Time Court is reserved for very special occasions wherein the accused has caused harm to the timestream.  It has only be convened on eight occasions before (that we know of), but it could be a risky move for Hellena.  An acquittal here could be easier as the court’s laws are fewer and don’t cover theft, but a conviction would also mean life in prison outside of time (which would be an eternity, theoretically).  Hellena must know the risks and must expect a better chance of acquittal in Time Court if she is asking for this transference.

The likelihood that this case would be transferred is slim.  The International Time Court chooses its cases on a very strict and individual basis.  Hellena has asked to be tried before them on several instances but has always been denied, mostly because she refuses to wear clothes that fit.