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Another Company Wants to Fast-Age Your Kids Using Alternate Dimension

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By Julia Crumpelman

The fast-aging game just got some extra competition.  Recently, FutureKin unveiled their business model of sending children to various future timelines to fast-age them into young adults.  Now, Tomorrow World unveiled their model.

They want to send children into a time-altered dimension.

“The problem with future timelines,” said founder Darryl Montgomery, “is that they can blip out of existence just like that.  Someone steps on the wrong bug today, and poof, one timeline is altered or deleted.  And what happens to your kid?  Who knows?”


Tomorrow World CEO Darryl Montgomery


“That’s why Tomorrow World has set up a time-altered dimension,” he said.  “It’s one we control completely, and no one can change it by accident.  One hundred percent safe.”

Tomorrow World is actually the name of the dimension.  It has been specifically altered to increase the speed of time.  One day in Tomorrow World is about two seconds in our dimension, so a year in there lasts a little over 12 minutes here.  The turnaround time is longer than FutureKin, Montgomery admits, but sometimes, things are worth the wait.

“You can’t rush good work,” he said without a hint of irony or self-awareness.  “Children will age 10 years in about two hours, which is just enough time to get a nice lunch.  You can pick up your adult children on your own leisure.”

Tomorrow World, like FutureKin, will offer various study programs, including education, the arts, and martial arts

As before, Dr. Amazing had his concerns with Tomorrow World’s business model.  “I can’t believe there are two of these things now,” he said, slumping his chair.  “This is a horrible, horrible, no good idea.  Fast-aging your children is such a morally questionable thing to begin with, I can’t believe people are actually floating this idea.”

“And that’s not even dealing with the time-altered dimension,” he said.  “Yes, you can do that, but it’s so much work to keep that stable.  I’ve created five of these dimensions in my experiments, and it takes constant vigilance just to keep them flowing at a constant rate of time.  It’s very easy for these dimensions to slow down and then speed up, wildly.  It could be very easy for children to go in at 10 and come out at 100, if at all.”

Montgomery wasn’t fazed by Dr. Amazing, either.  “Sounds to me like he’s just jealous he didn’t monopolize it first,” he said, taking a puff of a cigar.  “His loss.”