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Despite Testimony from Mutated Bug, Lightning Bug Sentenced to 35 Years

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  • Despite Testimony from Mutated Bug, Lightning Bug Sentenced to 35 Years


By Chase Chapley

After two weeks of arguments, the jury in the trial of the Lightning Bug, a.k.a. Horace Wagner, convicted him on nearly every charge against him.  The judge sentenced him to 35 years in prison with possibility for parole after 10 years.

Wagner’s attorney tried to argue that his client exploded the Verzatt Estates in self-defense due to Speedster’s pursuit of him.  They even brought one of Wagner’s mutated bugs up to testify, but that didn’t help their case as the bug, named “Carlos Danger” by the defense, couldn’t actually speak a human language.  Wagner’s attorney seemed to be convinced that it could speak, as he was seen coaching the witness before today’s proceedings.  Whatever testimony the bug was going to provide never came, and the brief testimony from Speedster last week didn’t help either.  She disputed their claim that she was in the apartment at any point prior to the explosion.  She also provided evidence of her whereabouts via the Peace Force GPS signal that emanates from her membership card and helmet.

The jury deliberated for only twenty minutes before dealing a guilty verdict.  Three counts of property damage and the one count of battery were not included in the verdict, but that still left Wagner with a hefty jail sentence.

Wagner was escorted off to Granite Prison while “Carlos Danger” was sent away to Super Animal Prison in upstate New York.