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Quinton School Explodes Again, This Time Not by Supervillain

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by Buffy Borgeron

CARTERSON — The Quinton School for Young Superheroes exploded yet again this morning, this time by one of its students.  No one was seriously injured.

Marking the school’s 36th explosion in its 50-year long history, today’s blast was from a student’s lab experiment that went awry.  The student, whose name is being withheld by the school, was testing the limits of Professor Stratosphere’s nanites.  These are the same nanites that ran out of control a few months ago.  The Professor was supervising the experiment but was not in the room at the time of the explosion.

“It’s my fault, really,” said Professor Stratosphere.  “My head globe was starting to crack, and I had to step out to get a new one.  I should’ve replaced it before we began the experiment so that I could’ve been there to watch the experiment more closely.”

“That said, we found the point at which these little buggers overload.  So that’s a plus.”

The Professor wouldn’t comment any further on the nature of the experiment, but the overloaded nanites created a series of sparks that reacted with some gases nearby, which started a chain reaction.  Eventually, the explosion took out a large section of the science building and could be heard all the way to downtown New Romford.  Somehow, no one was seriously injured.

“Our students are superheroes in training,” said Professor Stratosphere.  “They’re used to things like this.  They reacted like superheroes should.”

The Professor was also quick to point out that this wasn’t a supervillain attack nor did any student turn evil.  “I know we get attacked frequently,” he said.  “But this was not, and I repeat, NOT a supervillain attack, and our students didn’t turn evil.  I repeat, no one turned evil.”

“The nanites also burned up in the explosion,” he added.  “No one will have gargoyle statues self-assembling on their lawns.  I promise.”