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First Future Farm Produce Rolls Out

fftowerwebBy Packie Williams

The first produce from Dr. Amazing’s Future Farm has begun to roll out to supermarkets in the New Romford area.  Corn, wheat, potatoes, and other vegetables are the first crops to emerge from the high tech, skyscraper farm.

“It’s really amazing to see all of our hard work come to fruition,” said Dr. Amazing.  The Future Farm employs electronics and robots to tend to the daily maintenance and a minimal human staff to keep them in order.  “I’ve been working in quantum physics the majority of my life, so sometimes I don’t get to see the real wonders of the natural world.   From a tiny seed sprouts so many great things.  It really is amazing.”

“And we cut the growth time in half thanks to dinosaur dung!”

The first crop wasn’t expected to be harvested for another three months, and some experts were concerned by the accelerated growth rate.  The produce is noticeably larger than their non-skyscraper-produced counterparts.  But members from the DFA tested the food and found it was safe to eat.

“I ate a baked potato and an ear of corn from the Future Farm,” said Alistair Cromwell of the DFA, “and it was not only delicious but perfectly safe.”

Dr. Amazing hopes to have more crops out in stores soon along with dairy and meat products.