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Dukes Thief Caught, and He’s A Telepath

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By Packie Williams

After months of searching, the mysterious Dukes thief has been caught.  His name is Parker Doyle, and he’s reportedly a telepath.

A tip from the most famous telepath of them all, Professor George Quinton, led the NRPD right to Doyle.  Quinton reportedly heard a story about the thefts from a friend and decided to investigate for himself.  “I had been out of town for the past few weeks,” he said, “so I wasn’t caught up on the news.  Then a friend of mine was talking, or rather thinking, about it, and I knew the signs of telepathic tampering right away.”

After performing a quick psychic sweep of Dukes, Quinton discovered Doyle living in a modest apartment in the University District.  Quinton subdued Doyle’s telepathy until the police were able to arrest him.  In his apartment, they found all of the stolen documents, bonds, and jewelry.  They had their man.

What exactly Doyle was planning to do with all the money and items he stole hasn’t been determined yet.  The NRPD think he was going to purchase something big, but that case may take longer to solve.  According to sources inside the NRPD, Doyle did not have a computer, tablet, or smart phone in his apartment.  He did not keep journals or mail.  He apparently didn’t even have writing utensils.  Whatever he was planning is locked within his mind, and his telepathy has now be locked shut with an inhibitor collar.

Doyle is being held at NRPD Headquarters as the police investigate his crimes.  Now it seems that Dukes can sleep easier with Doyle behind bars.