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Vegas Plans to Build Spaceport


By Stan Hopewell

LAS VEGAS – Las Vegas is a vacation destination for many people, and with the increase in business relations and tourism from space aliens, many of those coming to Vegas are not from Earth.  If Vegas has its way, they’ll soon have a spaceport of their own.

“We welcome all visitors to our great city,” said Las Vegas Mayor, Carolyn Goodman.  “And we welcome visitors from other worlds, too.  No matter what color your skin is, no matter how many eyes you have, no matter if you don’t even have eyes and just sense the world through a mucus membrane that interprets colors and shapes for you somehow, Las Vegas welcomes you.”

The proposed spaceport would be constructed northeast of the city.  It would have 20 gates to start out and would be able to double its capacity in the future.  Currently, Virgin Galactic and Starlines are the only commercial spaceship lines in talks to support the Vegas spaceport.

But the City of Las Vegas and the State of Nevada face a steep climb to getting approval from the federal government to build a public, commuter spaceport.  Currently, only New Romford, Houston, and Cape Canaveral have spaceports, and they’re all run or overseen by the federal government.  Space tourism advocates have long lobbied for restrictions to be loosened for new construction.

“We’re losing out on billions of dollars here,” said Jay Mora, Director of the Space Tourism Board.  “Aliens are coming to our planet one way or another, usually through legitimate channels, but sometimes they just come here.  Some stay here because they fell in love with Earth.  We have so much to offer them, even if they’re just here for a few weeks.  Do you know that most space aliens don’t know what rock ‘n’ roll is?  Or what superheroes are?  Or have never seen a canyon that wasn’t filled with skin-dissolving acid?  Some planets have plants that literally shoot spikes at you for looking at them funny.  Some places are just painful, and they want to relax.”

If the federal government does loosen restrictions, then several cities could follow Vegas’s lead.  New York and Los Angeles are obvious contenders for spaceport, but cities like Nashville and Salt Lake City have also expressed interest in bringing in space tourists (the latter is a proposal not by the city but by the Church of Latter Day Saints).  So far, the federal government hasn’t commented on Vegas’s proposal.