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Michelle Meyers Involved in Kidnapping, Setting Up Fake Crimes

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  • Michelle Meyers Involved in Kidnapping, Setting Up Fake Crimes

File photo of Adonis saving Michelle Meyers

By Falco Rockbert

In a bizarre series of revelations last night, Channel 9 News reporter Michelle Meyers was arrested for kidnapping and setting up fake crimes so she could be rescued by Adonis.

Meyers has been saved a record number 30 times by Adonis, but that number will surely go down.  Last night, Meyers allegedly kidnapped a woman, whose identity will not be released by the NRPD due to her supposed ties to Adonis.  State law prohibits the release of the identities of people close to registered superheroes when they’re victims of a crime.

The kidnapping allegedly took place yesterday afternoon in a back alley in Johnsmar, where a rental van, rented by Meyers, was parked for an hour.  One resident noticed the van speeding away around 2:45pm.  That van turned up at a warehouse in Jamestown.

Adonis arrived at the warehouse at around 6 pm and defeated the henchmen who were guarding the facility.  He entered to find Meyers holding a woman over a vat of chemicals (later discovered to be liquid green gelatin) via a crane.  Adonis saved the woman and apprehended Meyers.

The reason for the kidnapping was not revealed, and Adonis and the Peace Force were silent on the issue.  The NRPD arrived to arrest Meyers, and the woman was safely returned home.

Adonis also learned that Meyers has been paying supervillains to “capture” her in a ploy to be rescued by Adonis.  It’s unknown how many supervillains she hired.  Her reasons for doing this were not revealed to the public, but Adonis seemed to be “shaken up” by the ordeal, according to sources at the scene.

Meyers faces kidnapping charges as well as multiple conspiracy charges.  If convicted at the maximum penalty, she could spend the next 40 years in prison.