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Meyers Hired 7 Supervillains to Stage 18 Fake Rescues

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By Falco Rockbert

While the surprising news that famous news reporter, Michelle Meyers, was involved in a kidnapping a week ago is still kept secret by law, the bigger revelation of her ties to supervillains is starting to unravel itself.


Michelle Meyers

The NRPD have said that Meyers hired at least 7 different supervillains to stage 18 fake “rescue situations” for her.  They interviewed the Master of Disaster and Keymaster, the last two supervillains Adonis “rescued” her from, in prison, and both confessed to being paid by Meyers.  In exchange for shorter sentences, they told the police and the DA how they were contacted, how they coordinated their actions, and how they were paid.  Using this method, the NRPD were able to locate wire transfers and large cash withdrawals on 18 separate occasions over the past five years.  The Master of Disaster was her most popular supervillain to employ, having paid him on 8 occasions.

With payment records, the police were able to identify 18 “rescue situations”, and then it was just a matter of looking back at each situation.  The five other supervillains were Lightning Bug (3 situations), The Tortoise (2 situations), Mary Marauder (1 situation), Baby Bouncer (1 situation), and The Bee’s Knees (1 situation).  Keymaster was hired for 2 situations.

Why Meyers would go to such lengths is not being discussed by the NRPD as it seems to be linked to the kidnapping.  For years, it’s been rumored that Meyers and Adonis were in a romantic relationship, but perhaps their relationship had soured in the past five years.  Whether the kidnapping and the “rescue situations” are related has not been disclosed, as the police are still in an ongoing investigation.

Adonis was available for comment, and the Peace Force would not issue a comment.