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Telepath Thief Pleads Not Guilty

By Chase Chapley

Parker Doyle, the telepath who robbed dozens of homes in Dukes over the past several months, pled not guilty at his arraignment this morning.  He’s accused of 35 counts of larceny and 21 counts of unlawful entry of the brain.

Doyle was captured by the Peace Force and NRPD a week ago after several months on the loose.  Professor George Quinton, the world’s greatest telepath, was tipped off to his activity through an acquaintance.  Recognizing the activity of a telepath, Quinton mind scanned Dukes for the specific brainwave frequency telepaths use to find Doyle.  The Peace Force and NRPD surrounded his apartment and made the arrest.

Since then, Doyle has been wearing an inhibitor collar to block his telepathy.  At his arraignment, he pled not guilty to the charges against him, though legal experts don’t expect a lengthy trial.

“He had millions of dollars worth of stolen goods and cash in his apartment when he was arrested,” said Burt Montana, legal analyst.  “It’s hard to deny that you were the one stealing all these people’s life savings when you don’t even keep it hidden in your apartment.  I guess he was using his telepathy to make people not see it.”

Doyle‘s trial is set for four months from now.  The NRPD haven’t released any more information regarding his motives or plans for what he stole.