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Pumpkin Pi Uses Clones as Henchmen in Latest Chemical Caper

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By Muffy Borgeron

The math-themed supervillain with a pumpkin for a head, Pumpkin Pi, robbed the Spade Chemical Plant last night with at least 15 clones as henchmen.

Pumpkin Pi, who still claims he isn’t ripping off Sleepy Hollow and is simply the result of a weird pumpkin spice chemical accident, stole several gallons of unnamed chemicals from the Spade Chemical Plant, again.  Usually, he robs places with his Gourd Gang in tow, but Squash, Muscat, nor Atlantic Giant were with him.  Instead, he had at least 15 clones as henchmen.

The clones all wore the same costume, all black clothing and a mask that revealed only the nose and mouth of each henchmen.  Facial recognition software wasn’t able to name any of the henchmen, but it did reveal they all had the same face.

Sources inside the NRPD have said the multiplier from the quantillium robbery might be the source of these clones as breeding clones in a lab for henchmen purposes would probably be cost prohibitive for Pumpkin Pi.  It’s still too early to tell if these clones came from this multiplier or a different multiplier or if time or interdimensional shenanigans may be at play.  No matter the option, the NRPD have asked the Peace Force for help in the investigation.

As for last night’s robbery, Pumpkin Pi used his math skills to calculate his attacks, and the henchmen easily subdued the guards within two minutes.  They wheeled eight barrels of chemicals into their vans and escaped before the police arrived on the scene.

Pumpkin Pi is still at large, somehow, with a pumpkin for a head.