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Dino Army’

Finding Shelter for the Night

By Chase Chapley As it seemed that night was going to come without the Dinosaur Queen being defeated, my colleagues and I needed to find someplace to sleep for the night.  The people who partied and offered us food also offered us shelter. Most of them were too big to stay in their apartments, so they pulled out sheets and blankets from their apartments.  A couple of the tall long-necked ones just poked their heads… Read More

Even in Danger, Residents Find Time to Have Fun

By Chase Chapley In all my years of reporting in New Romford, I have seen some strange things.  I have seen Adonis fight a giant mind-controlling squid.  I have seen mutated rabbits devouring all the plants in Norwoods.  I have seen Ray Denver die and come back to life on multiple occasions, each resurrection coming with new powers and types of skin.  I have even had a drink with an alternate world version of myself.… Read More

Dino Army Arresting People

By Chase Chapley Right after I posted about being attacked, another group of maybe five or six human dinosaurs started attacking people.  It occurred half-a-block from me, and it was more vicious than what me and my colleagues experienced.  It was so vicious that the Dino Army had to intervene. The Dino Army attacked worse than the humans, and afterwards, a general T-Rex apparently received orders to round them up.  They huddled the attackers and… Read More

Explosion Heard from Grainger Tower

By Chase Chapley Maybe ten minutes after the blue light emanated from Grainger Tower, an explosion came from that same building or somewhere near it. The blue light is still there, but I can clearly see a plume of smoke rising from that general direction.  The Dino Army seems to be frantically talking about something, and a general T-Rex is sending a raptor away, probably to ascertain what just happened. People near me are hopeful… Read More

To Charlene

By Chase Chapley After the 24th St riot, I must admit:  I’m shaken up.  I’m trying my best to be objective and report the facts, but I can’t ignore what I just saw.  It was pure horror.  Raw and savage.  I’m sure photos, and maybe a couple videos, will eventually surface, but I strongly urge that you not see what I saw, at least not unprepared. My colleagues and I moved a few blocks away,… Read More

Riot Breaks Out on 24th Street

By Chase Chapley A riot broke out on 24th Street moments after five members of the Peace Force flew overhead to Grainger Tower. When people cheered for the Peace Force, the atmosphere was jubilant and rowdy.  Several people taunted the Dino Army raptors and T-Rexes, which led to an altercation.  They started fighting, and people joined in against the Army.  More raptors and T-Rexes entered the fray and further escalated into a riot. Hundreds of… Read More

Dinosaur Queen’s Army Patrolling Streets

By Chase Chapley BREAKING NEWS:  The Dinosaur Queen’s army is now patrolling the streets in Downtown New Romford. I witnessed them march down 20th St near City Hall.  They were wearing the distinctive armor and emblem of the Dinosaur Queen, and they were marching in unison.  There were at least three unique regimens:  the small raptors that ran down the sidewalks, carrying spears, the larger T-Rexes, and the enormous brachiosauruses, which trotted down the middle… Read More