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Dino Army’

Memorial and Final Funerals

By Buffy Bolivar President Obama, Mayor Lawrence, Adonis, and several community leaders helmed the memorial service for the victims of the Dino-Day Disaster after the final funeral service. The death total reached 92 last week, and all missing citizens have been found.  The final funeral service was held this morning for Gabby Martinez, 32, who died in a collapsed building in Frankton. The memorial service was held at Two Rivers Park, near the World War… Read More

Dozens Still Missing from DDD

By Buffy Bolivar It’s been weeks since the Dino-Day Disaster, and though the majority of New Romford has been accounted for, dozens of residents are still missing. The NRPD has put the number at 79 missing residents, mostly located in the Downtown region and any parts of other boroughs with tall buildings.  These residents likely were trapped after a building collapsed either during the dinosaur transformation or after reverting back to human.  Rescue crews and the Peace… Read More


By Chase Chapley Well, gang, thank you for reading my blog during this crisis.  I’m going home to find my wife, Charlene.  I was able to get a hold of her via a land line, and she’s safe.  This has been quite the ordeal, a weird one even by our standards. I hope everyone is safe and with loved ones.  We are New Romford, and we know how to survive.  Any breaking news will come… Read More

PHOTO: 4th Avenue Bridge Collapsed

By Chase Chapley We just got this photo of the 4th Avenue Bridge from the Channel 8 News Copter.  It collapsed yesterday.  Click for the full size photo.

Last of Dino Army Captured

By Chase Chapley With the Dinosaur Queen captured, the remaining members of the Dino Army have given themselves up to authorities.  The raptors and T-Rexes went down easily, and the flying members of the Peace Force have been captured the pterodactyls in a net.  The brachiosauruses, though, proved difficult to corral since they are huge.  Dr. Amazing appears to have set up a dimensional portal of some sort, and they went into it with a… Read More

Dinosaur Queen Captured by Adonis

By Chase Chapley The NRPD has confirmed that Adonis has captured the Dinosaur Queen in Parkhill, putting an end to the “Dino-Day” nightmare. I’m receiving word, and slowly video, that the Dinosaur Queen and Adonis were fighting mid-air.  She blasted Adonis down into the ground, crash landing somewhere in Parkhill.  When she gloated, as she is prone to do, he threw a car at her, as he is prone to do.  A few quick punches… Read More

Peace Force, Army Rounding Up Dino Army

By Chase Chapley The Peace Force seems to be at full force now as they, and the U.S. Army, are rounding up the Dino Army.  As predicted, the battle is one-sided.  The Dino Army is simply no match for superheroes and long range weapons. My colleagues and I borrowed some clothes from a store (which we’ll reimburse them for) and followed the sound of tanks and smell of laser beams down 21st St.  A T-Rex… Read More