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Dozens Still Missing from DDD

By Buffy Bolivar

It’s been weeks since the Dino-Day Disaster, and though the majority of New Romford has been accounted for, dozens of residents are still missing.

The NRPD has put the number at 79 missing residents, mostly located in the Downtown region and any parts of other boroughs with tall buildings.  These residents likely were trapped after a building collapsed either during the dinosaur transformation or after reverting back to human.  Rescue crews and the Peace Force are doing everything they can to find people trapped under debris.  “But it’s going slowly,” said one rescue worker.  “We have to take it easy so we don’t cause even more damage that could bury people even more.”

There’s also the possibility that the Dinosaur Queen had transported residents to another unknown location.  As was reported by the New Romford Free Press during the DDD, several residents were captured by the Dino Army.  Their whereabouts have not been determined.

For now, the NRPD is asking residents to be on the lookout for missing persons.  “Some people may’ve become disoriented while they were dinosaurs,” said a NRPD statement.  “They may’ve wandered off to places they’ve never been before and may be lost.  Their mental state may be damaged.  If you find someone who looks disoriented, please call the police.”  A full list of names and pictures are available on the NRPD and city website.