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Peace Force, Army Rounding Up Dino Army

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By Chase Chapley

The Peace Force seems to be at full force now as they, and the U.S. Army, are rounding up the Dino Army.  As predicted, the battle is one-sided.  The Dino Army is simply no match for superheroes and long range weapons.

My colleagues and I borrowed some clothes from a store (which we’ll reimburse them for) and followed the sound of tanks and smell of laser beams down 21st St.  A T-Rex went flying past us at 18th Ave.  It was unconscious when it finally hit the ground, and then we heard the familiar blows and grunts of Titana punching another T-Rex in its face and knew how the first dinosaur became airborne.

People were reveling in Titana punching a T-Rex in the face.  They were cheering with every blow, and my colleagues were joining in on the chants of TI-TAN-A, TI-TAN-A.  Finally, things were returning to normal.

Titana was joined by Crater and Qu8N-J in physically rounding members of the Dino Army in an invisible force field.  They tossed or levitated roughly a dozen of them into what I can only describe as an invisible sack.  Then they flew away to more cheers and applause.