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Blue Light Emanating from Tower

towerwebBy Chase Chapley

Now, the Grainger Tower is emitting a strange blue light.

So far, I have not experienced any new changes to my body or mind, and neither has anyone around me.  Dinosaur Queen’s magic “Dino-Ray” was largely colorless, and it moved in and around buildings.  But this light is moving from the top of the tower into the sky, and then spread out in a circle.  It looked like it was creating a dome over the city.

This looks like a force field.  I’ve seen other madmen use a similar blue energy as force fields before, and given the fluidity of the “Dino-Ray” near the edge of the city, it would make sense if it were.  The Dinosaur Queen would want to keep everyone inside and keep out any interlopers.

The real question is why she didn’t activate this sooner.  Either she didn’t have the equipment set up right away, or someone stopped it from activating.  Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say we’re staying put.