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By Chase Chapley

Finally, we are back to human!

I cannot express the joy and excitement me and my colleagues are experiencing right now.  Moments before the change back, I could feel my humanity slipping away from me.  My colleagues felt it, too.  It appeared that the Dino-Ray changed us all physically first and was slowly trying to change us psychologically.  Whether or not that was the Dinosaur Queen’s intent remains to be seen, but regardless, we were all ready to fight, claw, and bite one another.

My last few moments of dinosaurdom are a blurry mess.  It still feels like a dream.  It’s like we all had a collective nightmare where we all were naked at high school.

Except that now, we’re all naked in the streets, and this isn’t a dream.  Now reality is starting to set in, and people are desperately trying to cover themselves up and to get out of compromising positions.  Unfortunately, seeing my colleagues back in the office is going to be awkward.

We’re all a little disoriented.  More to come in a moment.