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Androids Declare Independence on ‘Robot Island’

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By Stan Hopewell

TOKYO – At least 200 sentient androids have declared independence from the world, and in particular Japan, and have made a home for themselves on Hashima Island.  They have redubbed it “Robot Island.”

The news came as a surprise to everyone, including Japan, who still technically owns Hashima.  The island was originally a coal-mining facility and was known for its concrete apartment buildings, but it has been abandoned for decades.  Recently, the Japanese government has allowed tourists to roam the island as its barren streets and blighted buildings have a stark, yet eerie beauty to them.  It has been the inspiration for the setting of many movies and video games, but now, it seems the robots have taken up residence on the abandoned island.

“We want home,” said Robotron 8.5, leader of Robot Island.  “World is cruel to robot.  Robot want to install new home.  Hashima is new directory.”

The 200 plus robots range from small appliance-type robots to full-fledged human-looking androids who speak fluently in all known languages.  Why Robotron 8.5, with its stilted syntax, was chosen to speak for the group is not apparent.  It is speculated that their voice boxes or logic spheres were damaged, and that could also be a reason why they banded together to form a new nation.  Robots are often feared because of their cold, aloof demeanors but also because of sci-fi movies that depict robots as evil overlords who rule over humanity.  They have never formed a political group before now, and their pop culture image has already led some analysts to fear that this may be the beginning of their takeover.

So far, Japan has not reacted to this public declaration of independence.  Reports from inside Parliament suggest that this caught them by surprise.  An official response is expected sometime soon, but for now, the robots have a home.